A Day at MGM theme Park with deserving kids

June 10, 2016 Charity 0 Comment

We planned a day out for Aarul Illam Kids on June 10th, 2016 at MGM Theme Park, ECR Road, Chennai. Thanks to our Mohan for organizing this event starting from morning pick-up at Aarul Illam to guiding the kids all through the day.

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Sriram visited Chicago, California & Reno to promote Deepam’s Initiative.

June 9, 2016 Beneficiary Support / Blog / Charity / Donor Engagement / Organ Donation / Reviews & Meetings 0 Comment

In his words, “It was a great meeting with my friends and business partners on 28th May 2016 in US. We got the opportunity to present our first smart home initiative and the need to create.

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Summer vacation with Aarul Illam kids

May 16, 2016 Charity 0 Comment

Kids wanted some outing during the holidays and Deepam team organised a tour to Marina Beach. Kids really enjoyed and played in the beach waters.

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Monthly contribution to Aarul Illam

March 27, 2016 Charity 0 Comment

Arul Illam always struggled to pay their monthly rentals of INR 28,000 per month. Deepam is continuously trying to bridge the rent payable to an extent possible. On 27th May Sriram, Managing Trustee contributed INR 5,000 to Aarul Illam.

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Republic Day celebration with Aarul Illam kids

January 26, 2016 Charity 0 Comment

Hosted Flag and explained the need for National unity to Aarul Illam Kids on 26th Jan.

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Pongal celebration with Aarul Illam kids

January 14, 2016 Charity 0 Comment

On Pongal occasion, we visited Aarul Illam and explained kids about the need of farmers, cultural aspects and social impacts.

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New Year Day celebration with Aarul Illam kids

January 1, 2016 Charity 0 Comment

On New Year Day, Deepam Global team with Donors Meera & Jayaram visited Aarul Illam. We contributed INR 23,000 towards education of beneficiary Akila who is pusuing her Nusring Course and INR 10,000 towards Aarul Illam’s rental commitment.

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