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Deepam Global educates the underprivileged kids, and currently supporting 65 much deserving kids.

We extend to reach to our supporters in the United States, those who believe and have experienced that education can change life, please Register your details with us, let us meet if possible, learn about Deepam’s activities and take this initiative forward of educating as many as deserving children.

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Deepam Global is a participative drive, where likeminded people come together to help an under-privileged child reach his / her full potential through education. If you are someone who wants to make a difference in the life of a child, you can do that by contributing your time for our various initiatives. Deepam Global is an organisation that is completely run by volunteers.

Volunteers are the pillars of strength for Deepam Global and they play a key role in every part of Deepam Global’s initiatives. Many of our projects would not be successful without their continuing support and contribution.

Deepam Global also provides individualistic attention to every student through the mentorship program, by connecting every student with a mentor, who is not a parent or a teacher but someone who believes in the importance of education and the student’s ability to achieve. You can become a Mentor, if you have the inclination and the time.

We do have an elaborate selection process to understand how you can partner with us, so that we mutually benefit from the engagement. Selected Volunteers and Mentors are then put through a training process, before they are deployed to support our various initiatives.

For Corporates

At Deepam Global, we believe that providing quality education and preparing them for the outside world alone will not bring about the social transformation that we are aiming for. So, we walk the extra mile to provide the students with the skill sets and groom them through our employability programs, so that they are readily employable.

Corporate can assist us in bringing a change in the lives of these students. We seek corporate support in the below mentioned areas:

  • Volunteering
  • Internships & Placement
  • Course funding
  • Sponsoring Training, Workshops & Meetings
  • Operational Expenses
  • Infrastructure & Logistics
  • Training Centre
  • Transportation and Commute

After evaluating Deepam Global’s initiatives, Vellore Institute of Technology has made Deepam Global as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative and has been lending its support by providing complete portion of fee charged from the students as per their discipline criteria that includes late arrival to college etc.

Educational Institutions

Being an educational institute, you are in the most privileged position of helping a deserving child. Currently, our beneficiaries are ably supported by various well known educational institutes, who are helping our first set of 65 under-privileged students, studying in Government Schools to graduate. We seek support from institutions to provide us with more opportunities to educate many such deserving students.


Educating a child and equipping him / her with the skills to become a better individual is an enormous task. Our children continue to benefit from the knowledge sharing, by experts from various walks of life, who open doors for them and help them to get a glimpse of life beyond text books. If you are a subject matter expert or a professional and wish to volunteer your time to conduct specific sessions for our beneficiaries, you can get in touch with us.

Our programs are tailor-made with the help of experts and these experts contribute their knowledge and time to enrich and empower them. You can make a difference in the life of our students, if you are ready to share your knowledge, expertise and time.

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