Deepam Global Chennai best NGO

DEEPAM Global is one of the Chennai best NGO Management models revolves around the Donor(primary contributor of financial/emotional needs), a Service provider(existing infrastructure to support the Beneficiary) and the Beneficiary(final recipient of support). DEEPAM also realizes that many donors currently do not have the direct knowledge of the beneficiary and do not feel the real cause and need of said service done. At the same time, most of the beneficiary look up to the Donor not only for financial assistance but more for emotional and personalized support Chennai best NGO.

Deepam Global Charitable Trust through its primary research understands that there are many service providers with basic infrastructure but not so organized in terms of database, systems, and resource to deliver the required service to the beneficiary in a sustainable way. Most of the Service Provider have to run day to day for their financial needs and do not spend quality time on service.

Deepam Global Charitable Trust in Chennai realizes the need for robust IT infrastructure which could link all the stakeholders thereby administers the complete value chain through its IT portal.

Deepam Global Charitable Trust definitely requires the support of like-minded people for execution and takes the great privilege to invite the Volunteer and register through our Associate Portal.

Deepam Global Charitable Trust in Chennai model facilitates Organ Donation and Adoption (pre-qualifying the child (data registered in portal after all approvals), registering and qualifying the adoptee for perfect matching). This model of DEEPAM ensures one child is taken care through its life.

Deepam Global Charitable Trust in Chennai also ensures that the adopted kid is taken care through an audit every year (adoptee to pay for the cost involved till the age of 18 Years) Chennai best NGO.

Vision 2020

To make a strong impact in the minds of people the need for charity and also make them realize the value of the Chennai’s best NGO charity.


Impacting the Life’s of 5000 Kids on Education in next 5 years Enriching Life’s of 5000 Elderly Ones through values and care Chennai best NGO.