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Today on Monday, March 6th, 2017 we completed Bhoomi Pooja and sought permission & blessings
from the mother earth to construct our first Smart Home. Bhoomi is the mother of all that exists.
She is patience personified. Today with chants of special sutras and hymns, we appeased the various
energies residing in the space and nullified any bad effects to bring peace and prosperity.
Deepam Global

Mr. Sriram Muralidharan, Managing Trustee – Deepam Global Charitable Trust did the Bhoomi Pooja
along with Trustees Mrs. Kalyani Muralidharan & Mr. Manish Chaudhary and other Members
including Mr. Ganesh Sankaran, Mrs. Chitra Ganesh, Mr. Balaji Sharma, Mrs. Malathy, Miss. Aarthy,
Mr. Aarul Dass, Miss. Priya
and the kids from Aarul Illam who are the reason behind this initiative.
Deepam Global

Advance Cheque of INR 100001 handed over to Mr. Arun, who is a passionate and qualified builder
from Chennai and promised to deliver a classy Smart home with all the modern day amenities
possible for the deserving kids at a subsidized building construction cost, so that they get nothing
than the best.

Deepam Global

Our Proud member and Donor Mr. Balaji Sharma contributed INR 10,000 today towards construction
of this dream home. We are expecting many more donors to come and contribute.
This is the first step on the ladder, and we are not stepping back until construction gets over. We are
hopeful to see the completion by the same time next year or possibly by this year end.
We take this opportunity to thank our proud team who were not able to make up to this event, but
still they were there with the positive intent and as a driving force. Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kumaran
Surendran, Mr. Velayudham Jayavel, Mr. Suresh Rajan, Mr. Keerthy, Mrs. Priya Keerthy, Mrs.
Chandrika Sriram, Dr. Balambal, Mr. Arul Manimaran, Mr. Ashok Srinivasan, Mrs. Kanagathara
Ashok, Mr. Srikanth,Mrs. Deepa Srikanth, Mr. Hari, Miss. Deepa Panneerselvam, Mr. Madhavan,
Mrs. Sailasree, Mr. Ramana Arul Manimaran, Mrs. Divya Hari
. Hope to get a non-stop support from
all the Deepam Global members, associates and volunteers to construct first Smart Home and make
it a huge success.
Deepam Global

Our Donors list is growing and we are proud to announce their names: Mrs. Anu Kannan, Mrs.
Meera, Mrs. Mithra, Mrs. Vidhya, Mr. Sriram Sabapathy, Mr. Mahadevan, Mr. Bharadhwaaj, Mrs.
Gowri Shankari, Mr. Balakrishnan, Mrs. Geetha Murugadass, Mr. Sengani Srivatsan, Mr. Jairam, Mrs.
Indhu S, Mr. Umesh Kumar, Mrs. Jayasree, Mr. Rajaram, Mr. Prabhu Selvam, Mrs. Rohini, Mr.
Prasanna Venkatesan, Mr. Rajasekar Chandran, Mr. Mylai Senthil, Mr. Rajan, Mr. R Viswanathan,
Mrs. Uma Radhakrishna and Mr. Bhavesh
. Kindly accept our deep apologies If we have missed your
name. You are our spine, and without you we can’t move an inch. Congratulations and many thanks,
we look forward to you to realise this dream.
Deepam Global

We urge all like minded people to contribute generously for the cause and help us fulfilling the
dream of educating 5000 kids in 5 years.

Deepam Global Charitable trust