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With lot of positive things happening around, one of them is the change that our Nation is going through, and as an indispensable part of this great Nation we strive to contribute and give back to society in our own capacities.
We are happy to a part of Deepam Global Charitable Trust, which has given us an opportunity to develop strong infrastructure to serve the needy and under privileged kids & old aged/elderly. We at DEEPAM GLOBAL strongly believe and convinced that we are more privileged than the rest in our search of destiny and we are “Destined to Serve”

Today the energy was ecstatic at Bangalore, as the city witnessed a very fine session between our Volunteers. We discussed on various facets of our Charitable Organization. Productive discussion started with Ashok’s wonderful introduction of members to one and all present there. Chithra then went us through the agenda and we were all set for the discussion that was perfectly planned and executed, kudos to organizers.

Sriram started with a brief introduction of Trust, purpose of existence, vision and mission. Statement of accounts was shared to all the members, we discussed about Donors and appreciated their efforts.

Building first Smart Home(for more information, visit ) for the kids is the topmost priority, and we discussed on the current progress and ways to raise funds. We decided to provide immediate support to Aarul Illam, our first Service provider towards its rental expenses, as they need to vacate and shift their place. For the 59 kids and 8 supporting staff, a rented space would cost around INR 50,000 and was agreed that all of us will contribute a minimum of INR 1000 towards the same, also each one of us to introduce Deepam Global to our connections and help generate funds for the cause.

We discussed on how we can recognize our family members by contributing towards Smart home. Sriram wants to name the roof in his mother’s name, Kumaran wants to build kitchen in his father’s memory, Venu Vemula wants to contribute towards the toilets, Manish is interested in constructing living area in the name of his parents, and we found a way to take things forward.

Kids at Aarul Illam ranging from 6 – 18 years, are passionate for the life and they have zeal to give it back to the society and we have taken the challenge to not let them down at any point of time, and support them in pursuing their dreams. Be it higher education or skill development, we are striving hard to put systems in place where they receive what they deserve with dignity. We discussed on raising fund for the kids for their higher education who are constantly performing well and aspire to hold key positions in our society.

We decided to celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries and special events of life with our Service Providers in order to generate funds. Social Media is the biggest platform in today’s context to reach masses, and we discussed on various strategies to harness and promote the initiative. Meera suggested to look for Corporate tie-ups for raising funds, as per Government of India guidelines, corporate houses now have to plough back at least 2 percent of their net profit on upliftment of the society. The ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) has notified Section 135 and Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, which relate to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The norms will apply to companies with at least Rs 5 crore net profit or Rs 1,000 crore turnover or Rs 500 crore net worth. In this direction we decided to look for potential Corporate houses.

We also discussed on the importance of having resources for Donor engagement, Social media updates, fund raising, website and application development. For example, Donor engager would be of great help in reminding the special events, set ECS(Electronic Clearing System) right and update on the current progress of the beneficiaries to Donors. Manish spoke about the integration of various payment channels to provide multiple options to donors and gave emphasis on a robust application to take care of Deepam Global Charitable Trust functions. We will expect valuable feedbacks from each one of you to take this to next stage at earliest.

It was great to see Priya’s participation in the discussion and the way she addressed all the queries. We wish her all the best to pursue her dreams and be a renowned write one day.

Be it a companionship support, education support, injection of moral values, skill development or FUN, we don’t want kids to be deprived of any of the flavours. We discussed on planning Trips for kids for their overall development. Kangatara has worked on such an educational trip which will help kids to know in and out about Mahabalipuram. Also we have plans to engage kids in physical activities.

We visited around 40 homes, before we qualified Aarul Illam as our first service provider, as they are easily accessible, structured and most importantly aligned with our dream to educate kids. We discussed deep on qualifying criteria for both Service Provider and Beneficiaries.

To educate 5000 children in 15 years from today & build respect homes for the elders is our social anthem, that we recite every night before going to sleep. We are committed to serve kids in our society by contributing towards their education and making them excel in their life, transforming them to responsible individuals.
On adoption, we discussed on various hindrances and the strict rules of Central Government and rightly so as there are lot of malpractices like child abuse, trafficking is going on in various places behind the scenes. We dream of a situation where every kid and elder will have a care taker.

We discussed on how Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) students come and pay their fine happily to Aarul Illam instead of depositing it in College. We sincerely thanks to the Management of VIT for this gesture. This signifies that everyone wants to be a part, contribute and get happiness and blessings that no money can buy. We have taken the challenge and will defy all the odds and move on with like minded individuals like you to realize this dream for change, for a better tomorrow.

Attendance was incomplete without Kumaran, Velayudham, Malathi & Venkatesan, whereas present members were Sriram, Manish, Ganesh, Hari, Ashok, Satheesh, Srikant, Chandrika, Chithra, Kanagatara, Priya, Deepa, Deepa Mani, Meera. Deepam Global thanks one and all. Special thanks to the Organizers, Ganesh, Ashok, Chithra & Kanagatara, and for the hospitality and courtesy extended. Look forward for many more engagements in near future.
-Deepam Global Charitable Trust – destined to serve