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Excited, Motivated, enthralled are mere few words to describe the event that happened on the 30th of November 2016 to celebrate “Deepawali”(festival of light, the new beginning). In a way the festival Deepawali is very special for DEEPAM as we are destined to illuminate the lives of many deserving kids through education.

At DEEPAM it is all team effort starting from Kumaran arranging the Bus to bring the kids from Arul Illam to venue along with his kids, Sriram organizing a light music with Meenakshi Srinivasan (notable Singer), Chitra & Ganesh helping to cook the dinner and made sure that everyone was well fed, Manish made sure the event is recorded and managed overall arrangement, Velayudham came with the family making this a event to remember forever. Umesh in spite of his busy schedule attended the celebration and shown many a way to the venue. Sriram’s uncle and aunt – Balambal & Ramaswamy, Umapathy, Chandrika, Sounderya, Jayashree, Sridhar & his wife, Bala, Geeta, Srinidhi & Deepa with her mother were also present to grace the occasion. Malathi & Arul Manimaaran’s family along with their kids were completely responsible for the overall arrangement and deserve a big applause.

Most interesting part of the celebration is the kids from Arul Illam who just fascinated me and the whole crowd with their sheer enterprise and I can see the confidence growing in them day by day. Besides providing basic education I want each and every kid to enjoy the moment and grow in overall approach to face the contemporary world and I think that has just started to happen. Starting from making Rangoli Kolam, decorations, receiving guests with their charm, it was all their show. Thanks to Arul Dass Ayya of Arul Illam.” quoted by Sriram, Managing Trustee – Deepam Global Charitable Trust.

Generally I travel to Chennai to celebrate Diwali with my parents and most part of the day will be very boring as self, wife and parents will be at home. But this time it was a total change in Diwali celebrations. We got some snacks and dresses for the kids. The energy that the kids showed was so contagious that not only me but all the guests were also sucked into the celebrations. Overall it was a life changing event for me and also very well co-ordinated and organized.” quoted by Ganesh.

Organizer of the event, Mrs. Malathi quoted “It was a great pleasure in organizing the event. For me this was the third Diwali which will remain in my memories forever. First one was in Venthanpatti in my granny’s place when I was in my third standard and the second one was in 2006 in my native village Paramathy Velur, Namakal. Around 75 people from the family visited and we celebrated together. Till date they say that they are missing me during Diwali. Now the third successful event was with Deepam Global & Arul Illam. I have always been looking for joint family get together where we can have lots of fun. I always organize functions like this as it is one of my ardent desires. This event brought back childhood memories of celebrating Diwali in my granny’s house where cooking took place in one corner while the rest of the house was engaged in singing and dancing with children. These memories will remain forever. I would really like to thank each and everyone who participated in this event and made it a grand success.

The venue was Malathi & Arul Manimaaran’s farm house. On one side, the farm house was fully decorated with Rangolis and stage set for the fun, music, and dance and on the other side dinner was being prepared. The overall food preparation right from buying raw materials was done my Malathi’s sincere kids Aarthi & Ramana. Aarul Illam kids were so organized that not even a single grain of rice served was wasted. After the sumptuous dinner, kids bursted some crackers before boarding the Bus back to the Illam.

Overall the event was successful as everyone went with lot of satisfaction and grace. We hope many more such occasion will be coming and next around the corner is Christmas and New Year.
Best wishes,
Deepam Global, Destined to Serve