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In his words, “It was a great meeting with my friends and business partners on 28th May 2016 in US. We got the opportunity to present our first smart home initiative and the need to create.

Venu is first to pledge his commitment to the project by contributing INR 2,50,000. Also I would like to thank Keerthi for pledging INR 2,70,000, Suresh for INR 1,00,000 & Srinivasan for INR 60,000
Thanks to Keerthi and Priya to express our initiative to RENO families and friends and they always takes credit of best host ever.

Suresh has taken the overall lead to coordinate with US folks on related initiative for DEEPAM GLOBAL.
It is my pleasure to take on records the hot Dosa with Milaghai Podi served at Suresh’s home for breakfast and the amazing food served by Priya & Keerthi for a typical Indian like me.”

Venu Vemula quoted “First off all thanks for leading such a great initiative and giving change to be part of it, please do include me as the project goes along. It is really great to see some of us coming together on this great initiative.”

Proposed home will host 96 Kids, provide quality shelter, food & clothing besides education with leadership qualities. The first project is costing 1.5 Crore and running cost of 3 Lacs per month.
We are sure one day we will be instrumental in creating leaders in India from nowhere and we started our journey in this direction. We want to complete the first project by Mid 2017 if the funds are secured on time.