January 31, 2016 Tree Conservation 0 Comment

Recommendations by Ms. Malathi, Deepam Global’s associate to the Tamil Nadu Forest Department on January 31st, 2016 meet:

1. Herbs to be planted below the power lines.
2. Road contractors should be educated not to cut the trees while laying the road.
3. Public & Farmers should be educated and an awareness to be created among them on the importance of growing trees.
4. To control ‘Seema Karuvel’ tree we have to grow ‘Nattu Yelandapalam’ tree.
5. Growing more fruit bearing trees like Nattu yelandapalam, Singapore cherry, Naval in Forest areas instead of Eucalyptus trees, so that Monkeys do not enter residential areas in search of food.
6. Extensive & planned Tea plantation in Hilly areas.